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The PinControl1 was invented in 2014 and it is the first ALL-In-One Controller for virtual pinball which contains inputs and outputs in one single board. Fully compatible with DOF.

Now in version 5.0(!)


1 PCB Board 10x10cm equipt with one processor


– 10x 5A High Power (output 01 = PWM; output 08-10 = RGB)


– 10x digital button inputs preconfigured for:
Pinball FX2 und
Pinball FX3
– 1x analog input for a analog Plunger

– build in 2 axis accelerometer for nudging and tilt


– full compatible with DOF R2, DOF R3 and DOFLinx
– Windows 10 compatible
– analog Plunger
– analog Nudging
– analog Tilt
– digital Nudging (Pinball FX2 und FX3)
– Simulation Coindoor button for „Door open“


What we also want to emphasize here is the fact that this controller is not a clone of anything, but the ORIGINAL.
I.e. within DOF our board acts as a controller….it is not necessary to switch between IDs… so you have with one click all ports in the overview.


Delivery contents:

  • 1x PinControl 1
  • 1x USB cable 3m
  • 2x Resistors

Download VPIN-Shop Driver CD:




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