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The PinControl 2 is our controller of the future. It not only combines the functionalities of inputs and outputs, but also includes the functions known from PinControl 1 such as analog nudging, analog tilt and the analog plunger.

Newly added is the functionality of analog nudging for the simulations like Pinball FX2. Pinball FX3, Pinball Arcade and Pro Pinball Ultra. The sensitivity of this nudging is freely adjustable.

Individually, our controller has the following features:


1 PCB Board 15x20cm equipt with two processors

Outputs 48 Ports: 

– 32x 500mA Low Power (all PWM  – fade)
– 16x 5A High Power (all PWM – fade)

Inputs 25 Ports:

– 24x digital button inputs preconfigured for:
Pinball FX2 und
Pinball FX3
– 1x analog input for an analog Plunger

– build in 2 axis accelerometer for nudging and tilt


– full compatible with DOF R2, DOF R3 and DOFLinx
– Windows 10 compatible
– analog Plunger
– analog Nudging
– analog Tilt
– digital Nudging (Pinball FX2 und FX3)
– Simulation Coindoor button for „Door open“


What we also want to emphasize here is the fact that this controller is not a clone of anything, but the ORIGINAL.
I.e. within DOF our board acts as a controller….it is not necessary to switch between IDs… so you have with one click all ports in the overview.


Delivery contents:

  • 1x PinControl 2
  • 1x USB cable 1,8m
  • 1x Crosslink-network cable 3m


Download VPIN-Shop Driver CD:



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